It can be difficult to sustain positive momentum in your classroom during the long winter months. Join this webinar series to learn helpful strategies for maintaining a supportive classroom of engaged learners midyear. 

Key takeaways include:

  • Self-discipline strategies are effective at minimizing off-task student behavior and increasing intrinsic motivation. 
  • Morning Meeting and Responsive Advisory Meeting can be used to support students who display challenging behavior.
  • Positive teacher language promotes engaged learners.
  • Explicit instruction around problem-solving and self-regulation strategies leads to supported, autonomous students.


Dec. 15: Teaching Self-Discipline 

Explore strategies to help students develop and sustain self-discipline skills. 


Jan. 19: Addressing Challenging Behaviors With Morning Meeting and Responsive Advisory 

Learn how Morning Meeting and Responsive Advisory Meeting get students back on track when they struggle to follow classroom rules and established expectations.


Feb. 16: Teacher Language for Engaged Learning

Support engaged learning with teacher language strategies such as asking open-ended questions, giving high-quality feedback, and using language to help students focus on their learning.


March 16: Problem-Solving With Students 

Explore the practices of problem-solving conferences, class meetings, and role-play to support students in building and maintaining a safe and predictable learning environment.

Certificates of attendance are not provided for these free virtual webinars.



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