Get your school year off to a great start! In this webinar series, learn about the foundational practices and strategies that ensure the school year begins on a positive note for elementary and middle school educators, students, and families. 


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Important Information: Webinars begin at 7:00 PM EST and last approximately one hour.  Every registrant receives a follow-up email containing a link to the recording. Certificates of attendance are not provided for free webinars.


August 18: Starting the Year Strong With Morning Meeting and Responsive Advisory Meeting

Morning Meeting and Responsive Advisory Meeting are essential, foundational Responsive Classroom practices that are an important part of a successful beginning to the school year. In this webinar, hear about the importance of establishing a predictable routine for building meaningful connections and respectful, trusting relationships while meeting students’ developmental needs.

Participants will . . .

  • Learn how Morning Meeting and Responsive Advisory Meeting meet students’ needs for significance and belonging
  • Examine how these practices are inclusive of all students, regardless of ability or prior knowledge
  • Consider ways to start the school year with low-risk, highly structured activities in order to build useful routines and positive relationships

September 15: Creating a Strong Foundation With Proactive Discipline

Creating a strong foundation with proactive discipline begins with building a positive community. In this webinar, we’ll focus on how to implement the proactive practices and strategies that support a positive community and lay the groundwork for teaching self-discipline.

Participants will . . .

  • Consider strategies and ideas to strengthen relationships
  • Identify practices that support students in setting goals for their learning
  • Gain an understanding of the power of the collaborative rule-making process and investing students in the rules

October 20: Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences

The sixth guiding principle of the Responsive Classroom approach states that “partnering with families—knowing them and valuing their contributions—is as important as knowing the children we teach.” Making strong and positive connections at the start of the school year is important. Join educators and parents as they share some helpful tips and strategies to keep in mind in order to conduct successful parent-teacher conferences at the start of the school year. 

Participants will . . .

  • Learn about strategies to implement to help ensure successful parent-teacher conferences
  • Consider practices for connecting with parents at the start of the school year
  • Gain ideas for language to incorporate into parent-teacher conferences that invite conversation and collaboration
  • Examine the sixth guiding principle about knowing families and the importance of establishing strong and positive partnerships with parents 

November 17: Strategies That Support Academic Engagement

Engaging academics is one of the four domains of Responsive Classroom. As we begin the school year, it is important for us to create academic activities that are active, interactive, joyful, and fun. In this webinar, you will learn various strategies to ensure your academic activities provide an engaging way to kick off the school year. 

Participants will . . .

  • Learn how to create active and interactive academic lessons that are inclusive of all students
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how to create lessons that follow the natural learning cycle
  • Examine various academic lesson-planning practices to ensure the implementation of successful and engaging lessons