Sample Morning Meetings (DVD)

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Watch four experienced teachers lead Morning Meetings that set the tone for a productive day of learning, while giving children practice in critical academic and social skills.

This DVD comes with a 28page viewing guide and lets you sit in on four complete meetings in different classrooms at four different times of the year:

  • Third grade in September
  • Third grade in November
  • First grade in February
  • Kindergarten in April

Each segment shows teachers leading children through the meeting components—greeting, sharing, group activity, and morning message. All four segments demonstrate how you can adapt the components to children’s developmental level and the specific needs of the classroom community. The viewing guide helps you focus on key classroom management strategies and teacher language.

This versatile DVD works well in many settings, including professional development sessions and staff meetings. Teachers and administrators who are new to Morning Meeting will get a great introduction. Educators already implementing Morning Meetings will deepen their understanding and discover ways to refine their practice.

Run time: 70 minutes
English (subtitles optional)

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ISBN: 978-1-892989-30-7


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