Rules in School

Teaching Discipline in the Responsive Classroom

Deborah Porter, Kathryn Brady, Mary Beth Forton


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Positive behavior can be taught. The approach to discipline presented in this book helps children develop self-control, understand how positive behavior looks and sounds, and come to value such behavior. With many examples from their own classrooms, three experienced teachers offer practical techniques to help you:

  • Establish clear expectations for behavior from day one
  • Teach students how to articulate their learning goals for school
  • Create classroom rules that connect to students’ goals
  • Use techniques such as interactive modeling to teach positive behavior
  • Reinforce positive behavior with supportive teacher language
  • Quickly stop misbehavior
  • Restore positive behavior so that children retain their dignity and continue learning

Join the thousands of teachers in schools nationwide who’ve used this positive approach to discipline to establish calm, safe classrooms in which students can do their best learning. K–8.

Free discussion questions now available! These chapter-by-chapter questions will deepen your learning and help you apply the book’s strategies to your own setting.

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