Suzanne Wright

Suzanne Wright celebrates 19 years of teaching, kindergarten through third grade. While currently teaching at Suncoast Academy, a suburban charter school in Sarasota, Florida, she began her teaching experience in a multicultural Title I school, where she discovered Responsive Classroom from the veteran teacher next door, who urged her to try Responsive Classroom practices as a plan for building community and teaching routines. With a master’s degree in early childhood education, Suzanne has produced blog posts on high-interest topics for classroom teachers, including magnetic student relationships, the first days of school, and parent communication. Her first published post, What Kind of Teacher Are You?, was featured in a keynote speech by Jennifer Buffett at the Responsive Classroom Leadership Conference in 2013. When she isn’t teaching, Suzanne loves to run, challenging herself to complete at least one half-marathon a year, and spends time with her husband and two teenagers escaping into the wonderful world of Disney in nearby Orlando!

Suzy Ghosh

Suzy Ghosh is a second grade teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia, and a Responsive Classroom consulting teacher for Center for Responsive Schools. She has taught for 19 years with experience in second and third grades. When Suzy was introduced to Responsive Classroom, she saw the positive impact the approach had both on her students and on her teaching, and she quickly became passionate about sharing the approach with other educators. She has contributed articles to the Responsive Classroom website and is excited to be a content contributor for the forthcoming book Teaching Self-Discipline. Suzy lives in Fairfax, Virginia, with her one-year-old Labrador and enjoys reading, traveling, practicing yoga, and spending time with friends.

Tim Keefe

Tim Keefe is currently a second grade teacher in West Haven, Connecticut. He has been teaching a variety of elementary grades for the past 33 years. Tim has been immersed in Responsive Classroom strategies since 1991, including leading workshops in his district and around the country. The initial Responsive Classroom training he received at the beginning of his career changed his life as a teacher. He became a teacher leader in his district, which includes sharing Responsive Classroom practices with new and experienced teachers. Tim has a master’s degree in the teaching of reading and a sixth year degree in administration and supervision. His favorite book to read with his class is Charlotte’s Web. This classic read-aloud spurs many thought-provoking conversations with his students about friendship, loyalty, nature, and family. In his spare time, Tim enjoys playing and listening to music, watching movies, biking, and reading books.

Tina Miller

Kristina “Tina” Miller serves as principal at Howe Elementary for the Wisconsin Rapids Public School District in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. During her 18-year educational career, she has been a second grade teacher, Educator Effectiveness coach, and professional development facilitator, and served on the charter dream, design, and implementation team for Mead Elementary Charter School in Wisconsin Rapids. As a National Board certified teacher, Tina embraces innovative and results-based facilitation of learning for all. She is a consulting teacher in the Responsive Classroom approach, which embodies her vision that social-emotional and academic learning go hand in hand. As a five-year member of the Innovative Schools Network Board, Tina is excited to grow, learn, and support the many great innovative learning opportunities that happen every day in schools across our nation.

Tracey Tierney

Tracey Tierney is currently a third grade teacher in Milford, New Hampshire, and a consulting teacher for Center for Responsive Schools. She has been in the field of education since 1984, and has been privileged to have taught people from two years of age into adulthood. Tracey began her education career by owning and operating her own private kindergarten for nine years before entering the world of public education. She remembers how magical it was when some of her former kindergartners were in her first fourth grade class. Tracey has a degree in elementary education and earned her master’s in curriculum and instruction from Lesley University. She is the math coach for her grade level, chairperson for her school’s Responsive Classroom committee, and member of the district’s competency committee. In her spare time, Tracey loves to spend time in her gardens reading wonderful books and cuddling with her two cats, Fenway and Montauk.

Vincent Leggio

Vincent Leggio is a middle school science teacher at a K–8 school in South Orange-Maplewood, New Jersey. After spending two years struggling to get his students to listen, Vincent attended a Responsive Classroom workshop that gave him a renewed passion for teaching and the tools needed to be successful in any classroom. Vincent is now known in his school district as an expert at creating and nurturing a positive community with each class he teaches. As a former “class clown,” he utilizes his unique sense of humor to make learning lighthearted and engaging. Vincent’s classroom marries the Responsive Classroom philosophy with Next Generation Science Standards to create an inquiry-based, hands-on classroom for all students. Outside of the classroom, Vincent enjoys cooking, painting, making music, and most other creative pursuits.