The Kaleidoscope observation and feedback tool is part of the Responsive Classroom Elementary School or Middle School Packages, and can also be purchased as a stand-alone tool for use at your school.

Kaleidoscope is intended for use after a majority of teachers at your school have completed a four-day Responsive Classroom course. Educators bring what they’ve learned in the four-day course back to their classrooms and then, after the Responsive Classroom approach begins to take root in your school community—about 4-9 weeks post course completion—an RC consultant will visit and use our Kaleidoscope tool to observe and interpret findings.

Observations focus on responsive, effective, engaging, and developmentally sound teaching practices that foster academic and social-emotional learning throughout the school day. In addition, they’ll observe reflections of Responsive Classroom practice in action in non-classroom spaces like the cafeteria, halls, gym, and playground.

Post-observation Kaleidoscope summaries identify areas for growth using easy to interpret data and offer specifically chosen resources relevant to supporting teacher practice in those areas. As teachers further develop their practice, school leaders can use Kaleidoscope twice more to observe and interpret mid- and end-of-year growth.

For more information about Kaleidoscope, contact our school services team: