Photograph by Jeff Woodward.Thirty years of experience have shown us that Responsive Classroom implementation works best when all adult members of the school community are trained in Responsive Classroom practices and work together as a professional learning community.

Our whole school professional development model is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get high-quality implementation of Responsive Classroom‘s research- and evidence-based strategies.

These services can be offered any time during the yearincluding non-consecutive days during the school year.

School-Wide Elementary Services

  • One-day workshops to introduce Responsive Classroom to your school community
  • Responsive Classroom Elementary Packages:
  • Kaleidoscope: All our packages include the Kaleidoscope tool and consultant feedback and observation visit. If your school has already had the elementary or advanced elementary course training, you can schedule a consultant to begin this data-driven improvement cycle.
  • Ongoing Support: Keep the momentum going with follow-up support for deepening understanding of core Responsive Classroom practices


Bring Responsive Classroom to Your School

To start a conversation about bringing Responsive Classroom to your school, please contact our school services team at 800-360-6332 ext. 151, or e-mail us at [email protected].