Leadership Seminar

Responsive Classroom Leadership Seminar:

Creating the Conditions for SEL to Thrive In Your School

Good leadership is the key to a successful school.

Sustainable transformation takes time.

Begin by creating a school culture in which SEL is reinforced at both the educator and student level.



Ever wonder what social-emotional learning looks like within a school’s adult community?

Curious about how Responsive Classroom practices can support you as an SEL leader?

Come alone or bring your whole leadership team to the Responsive Classroom Leadership Seminar! In this one-day seminar designed exclusively for school leaders (K-8), you’ll learn how to best lead social emotional learning initiatives in your school with the Responsive Classroom approach. You will:

  • Deep-dive into Responsive Classroom principles, strategies and practices that will enhance your work with your staff and generate results right away
  • Examine ways the Responsive Classroom approach can be applied to enhance leadership skills and transform classrooms
  • Engage in reflection and planning conversations with peers and Responsive Classroom experts


We’ll cover four key elements that will help you set the conditions for SEL to thrive in your school community:
Empowering Students through the Responsive Classroom Approach to Discipline

When classroom discipline is working, students feel safe, know what is expected of them, and strive to meet those expectations because they understand the reasons for them.  You’ll learn ideas for empowering students’ agency and responsible autonomy through the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching discipline, and how to frame school discipline as a means to empower students and analyze proactive and reactive components of the Responsive Classroom discipline framework.

Giving High-Quality Feedback

Coaching and giving evaluative feedback to teachers are key responsibilities of a school leader. Providing feedback that is specific, action oriented and focused on the future helps teachers reflect on their practice, as well as develop their unique strengths. Learn how to use reinforcing language and open ended questions as tools for delivering high-quality feedback to your teachers.

Building Productive Teams

One of Responsive Classroom’s Guiding Principles highlights the importance of the work we do together as adults, and the impact that has on our learning communities. Learn how to foster a sense of respect, trust and responsibility while welcoming diverse voices and multiple perspectives in your adult teams. Find ways to build relationships authentically, find joy in collaborating with colleagues, and learn new ways to make your staff meetings more engaging.

Reinforcing Teacher SEL During Staff Professional Development

Enhance any professional development session by incorporating easy-to-use learning structures that will engage, excite, and educate your staff. Whether it’s a book study, collaborative problem-solving group, or an all-staff meeting, these structures will ensure that your staff members maximize their learning and leave your meetings feeling invigorated.

Leadership Seminar Handouts – Participants Click Here

The Responsive Classroom Leadership Seminar will be held in major cities all around the U.S. during the 2019-2020 school year.