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1-Day PlannerThe guiding questions for each component of a Responsive Advisory Meeting will help support purposeful planning.
Academic Choice Planning GuideThis template can be helpful for outlining the choices in an Academic Choice lesson that will help meet learning goals, and thoughtfully planning the three phases of plan, work, and reflect.
Checklist for Organizing Your ClassroomThis checklist supports the implementation of the Responsive Classroom approach in your classroom space, providing considerations for space, materials, displays, desk and table groupings, learning spaces, and pathways.
Guided Discovery Planning GuideThis planner offers structure and guiding questions for developing a purposeful and productive Guided Discovery.
Interactive Modeling Planning GuideThis planner can be used to develop the specific steps of an effective Interactive Modeling for elementary students.
Interactive Modeling Demonstration GuideThis planner can be used to develop the specific steps of an effective Interactive Modeling for middle school students.
Student SMART Goal PlannerThis planner offers a structured guide to help students set meaningful and productive SMART goals.
Morning Meeting Daily Planning GuideThis planner can be used to purposefully plan a Morning Meeting, with goals in mind for each component and a clear understanding of skills to emphasis and practice.
Morning Meeting Weekly Planning GuideThis planner can be used to develop a weekly plan for Morning Meeting. This tool is particularly helpful when there are concrete goals and skills to focus on and develop throughout the week.
Plan Your ClassroomThis grid can be used to design the placement of furniture, large and small group meeting areas, and the overall flow of traffic in the classroom space.
Problem-Solving Conference Planning GuideThis guide will help ensure that all the key steps of a problem-solving conference are considered prior to meeting with a student, in order to make efficient use of the meeting time and effectively focus the conversation.
Role-Play Planning GuideThis guide can be used to plan a role-play around the key steps to help ensure that the role-play is effective and subsequent conversation is focused and productive.
SMART Goal TemplateThis planning guide supports students in setting a SMART goal and determining a detailed action plan to attain that goal.
Strengthening a LessonThis guide allows for thoughtful planning of an active teaching lesson based on the three phases of active teaching: teach and model, student collaboration, and facilitate reflection.
Strengthening Study SkillsSupport academic readiness with this sample Responsive Advisory Meeting plan.