Date: January 21, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm EST
Length: 60 minutes

In this webinar, a panel of experienced educators will discuss how to implement the Responsive Classroom approach to discipline in virtual and hybrid classrooms, including the unique discipline challenges that these settings can present. Panelists will share their experiences laying the foundation for positive and productive learner engagement, reinforcing and responding to student behaviors, and evaluating the effectiveness of their discipline strategies.  

Along with having the opportunity to ask questions through Zoom’s chat feature, participants will also:

  • Explore ways to sustain compassion and prioritize proactive discipline strategies
  • Discover how to use questions to inform responses to misbehavior during pandemic teaching
  • Consider the effectiveness of consequences during pandemic teaching and learning
Meet the Panelists


Moderator: Lindsey Lynch

Panelists: Dr. Dennis Copeland, Bridgette Kelly, Carmela Pine, Amanda Stessen-Blevins