Date: September 24, 2020
Time: 4:00 pm EST
Length: 90 minutes
Webinar: Addressing Unique Challenges in Creating a Culturally Inclusive Classroom During COVID-19

The unique classroom safety requirements brought on by COVID-19 present new challenges for creating and reinforcing behavioral expectations. Social distancing, working independently, wearing masks, and fulfilling deadlines require self-control, empathy, and responsibility. Educators and school leaders anticipate and proactively teach expectations, yet can still be met with refusal, defiance, or misbehavior.

This webinar explores these unique challenges while identifying developmental and cultural implications, strategies for preventing misbehavior, and respectful practices to respond to misbehavior and help students get back on track.

Key takeaways: 

  • Articulate unique challenges for setting behavioral expectations in the current model
    of socially distanced or virtual instruction and identify potential causes for these struggles
  • Explore developmental and cultural implications of students’ responses to new expectations
  • Learn Responsive Classroom strategies to prevent and/or respond to misbehavior
  • Connect with other educators and Responsive Classroom experts to discuss barriers and potential solutions


Meet the Presenters

Margie DorshorstMargie Dorshorst

Margie Dorshorst has an extensive education career spanning 33 years, and has served as an elementary principal, speech-language pathologist, Able Learner teacher, and staff development facilitator in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Through her various roles, she has helped create systems that empower teachers and schools to design and implement innovative practices, and she is committed to supporting teachers and schools with the tools and systems that propel all children to academic and social success.


Dr. Joe TilleyJoe Tilley

Joe is currently a curriculum and instructional designer and educational consultant with Center for Responsive Schools. He received his bachelor of science from Middle Tennessee State University, master of science from the University of Memphis, and doctor of education from Middle Tennessee State University. He has taught special education in kindergarten through eighth grade in various metropolitan districts, including Memphis, Atlanta, and Nashville.