Sustaining Safety, Joy, and Challenge for all students


Date: April 15, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm EST


In this panel discussion, educators and a parent of children with special needs will discuss the benefits of including students with special needs in the general education program, as well as examine what creating safe, joyful, and challenging learning spaces might look like when considering students with diverse learning needs. Tune in as our panel explores how adults who share a belief in all students’ ability and desire to learn can work together to foster learning environments where students with special needs can thrive.

Key takeaways:

  • Inclusion benefits all students.
  • Adults have to work together to create safe, joyful, and challenging learning environments for students with special needs.
  • Belonging, significance, and fun and safe, joyful, and challenging classrooms can’t be a reality for all students unless we are intentional in planning how this will happen for students with special needs.
  • Strong school-home partnerships are essential for the safety and success of students with special needs.



Our Moderator:

Deanna Ross


Deanna Ross is an educational consultant and coach at Center for Responsive Schools. She manages the RC Educator Certification Program and leads and presents workshops throughout the United States and abroad. Prior to her work at CRS, Deanna was a 26 year veteran of Memphis area public schools where she achieved National Board Certification and was a recipient of the Rotary Award for Teacher Excellence.



Our Panelists:

Natasha Griffin


Natasha Griffin is a former Licensed Master Social Worker who is now a stay at home mom turned homeschool teacher. She has been married for 14 years and is mother of two daughters, ages 9 and 11, who are both twice exceptional (both state certified as gifted and diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety). They are a former public school family who is now happily creating their own ever-changing classroom at home.



Kirsten Lee Howard


Kirsten Lee Howard was born and raised in New England and currently lives in Northern Virginia. She is an avid reader, amateur baker, and accidental gardener. She has been a classroom teacher, a Special Education teacher, and resource teacher and has taught preschool – 4th grade during twenty years of teaching. She is a certified Responsive Classroom teacher and trainer.



Neconna Molina


Neconna Molina serves as the Professional Learning Coach in Memphis, TN.  She has been in the field of Education for 19 years, having teaching experience in Pre-Kindergarten – Fifth Grade. Ms. Molina is passionate about coaching teachers and providing all students with a solid foundation in literacy.



Ina Pannell-SaintSurin


Ina Pannell-SaintSurin is a special education teacher with over 27 years of experience teaching elementary and preschool aged children in New York City public and nonpublic schools.  She is also a part-time consulting teacher, who teaches Responsive Classroom theory and practices to educators.



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