Date: August 27, 2020
Time: 4:00 pm EST
Length: 90 minutes

Using Teacher Leadership

The concept of a classroom has changed dramatically due to COVID-19. Educators who teach in person are faced with new demands brought on by students socially distancing and possibly wearing masks, while other educators must meet the challenges of teaching virtually, and still others are tasked with doing both.

Regardless of the situation, one thing every educator has in common is that they are faced with creating a safe and equitable space where students can engage in academic and social-emotional learning. The way an educator leverages their leadership style and teacher language can be the difference between success and struggle for their students. This webinar explores how teachers can use their leadership style and teacher language to create an environment where ALL students feel significance and belonging, regardless of whether class is being held in a building or a virtual setting.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how teacher leadership style and teacher language create equity in the classroom
  • Explore ways to strengthen existing strategies and structures to improve classroom equity
  • Connect with other educators and Responsive Classroom experts to discuss barriers and potential solutions
Meet the Presenter

Dr. Joe TilleyJoe Tilley

Joe is currently a curriculum and instructional designer and educational consultant with Center for Responsive Schools. He received his bachelor of science from Middle Tennessee State University, master of science from the University of Memphis, and doctor of education from Middle Tennessee State University. He has taught special education in kindergarten through eighth grade in various metropolitan districts, including Memphis, Atlanta, and Nashville.