Responsive Classroom Course for Middle School Educators

The Responsive Classroom Course for Middle School Educators is designed to empower educators to create a middle school experience that’s responsive to the developmental strengths and needs of every young adolescent, while helping students to develop the academic and social skills they need to be successful in and out of school. In this course you will learn how to:

  • Create a safe, positive, and inclusive community with the Responsive Classroom approach to discipline
  • Use teacher language to speak in ways that encourage student engagement and help students become more responsible and respectful
  • Challenge some of your own habits as you learn to apply new strategies that will help you more effectively manage your classroom
  • Hold Responsive Advisory Meetings—a core practice for middle school
  • Use teaching practices that are culturally, individually, and developmentally responsive to young adolescents
  • Design and deliver engaging instruction through practices such as active teaching, student practice, and the language of learning

You will also have an opportunity to work closely with colleagues, experience Responsive Classroom strategies as an adult learner, and see Responsive Classroom teachers implementing the strategies with students.

No prerequisite –suitable for grades 5-8
Resources Include: The Responsive Classroom Course for Middle School Educators Resource Book and The First Four Weeks of Middle School

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. It was extremely well done and allowed us to envision a classroom that would encompass student being the center of EVERYTHING we do. My favorite line of the entire program is that EVERY STUDENT must be heard, validated, and respected.” – Jennifer, Teacher

“A workshop that is designed to create an entire classroom from setup to procedures to academics that is a positive environment for a student that enables them to learn appropriate social, emotional, and academic skills necessary to be a successful, contributing member of society.” – Marie Ebersold, Teacher