Photograph by Jeff Woodward.

You already use Morning Meeting to transition students into the school day and build your classroom community. Now, learn how to enhance this essential practice by examining how each of its four components can be used to teach both social skills and learning behaviors and how Morning Meeting can increase academic engagement and improve connection to and understanding of the core curriculum.

  • Distinguish the social skills and learning behaviors that are critical for academic success
  • Explore Morning Meeting resource materials for teaching academic and social-emotional skills
  • Develop Interactive Modeling lessons to teach skills during Morning Meeting
  • Plan Morning Meetings that connect to the curriculum while growing social skills, academic skills, and learning behaviors

Prerequisite: Responsive Classroom Course for Elementary Educators
Who should attend this workshop: K–6 educators who are looking for ways to better connect the Morning Meeting structure to their curriculum.
Resources include: Connecting Morning Meeting to Academics Resource Book, Doing Language Arts in Morning MeetingDoing Math in Morning MeetingDoing Science in Morning MeetingDoing Social Studies in Morning Meeting