To email an CRS staff member, address your message to his or her email name To reach a staff member’s extension, dial 800-360-6332 or 413-863-8288 and then enter the appropriate three digit number.

Cate Avery-Jagla, Manager of Consulting and Certification
email: cate
extension: 134

Lynn Bechtel, Managing Editor with Elementary School Focus
email: lynn
extension: 121

Michelle Benson, Professional Development Designer
email: michelle
phone: 910-568-2099

Tonia Bonner, Director of Programs
email: tonia
extension: 166

Jim Brissette, Managing Editor with Middle School Focus
email: jim
extension: 150

Alex Brown, Financial Assistant
email: alex
phone: 158

Hannah Collins, Marketing Graphic Designer
email: hannah
extension: 115

Crista DeRicco, Director of Marketing and Communications
email: crista
extension: 142

Nicole Doner, Educational Consultant and Coach
email: nicole
phone: 802-734-1926

Chris Farr, Tech Support I
email: chris
extension: 148

Sarah Fillion, Director of Consulting and Certification
email: sarah
phone: 603-809-6013

Christina Fisher, Customer Care Representative
email: christina.fisher

Christine Freitas, Director of Publications
email: christine
extension: 122

Michelle Gill, Professional Development Designer

Laura Heisig, Program Sales and Customer Care Coordinator
email: laura.heisig
extension: 145

Allison Henry, Director of Program Sales and Customer Care
email: allison
extension: 143

Cathy Hess, Publications Specialist
email: cathy
extension: 112

Andrew Hicks, Instructional Technologist
email: andrew
extension: 153

Lora Hodges, Executive Director
email: director
extension: 110

Adam Hogan, Finance Assistant
email: adam
extension: 118

Jack Jenest, Custodian
extension: 355

Christina Jette, School Services Coordinator
email: christina
extension: 151

Allison Kaeppel, Manager of IT
email: alli
extension: 149

Heather Kamins, Editor/Writer
email: heather
extension: 163

Angie Lavner, Program Sales and Customer Care Assistant
email: angie

Desiree Law, Customer Care Specialist
email: desiree
extension: 119

Camiel Lawler, Customer Care Representative
email: camiel
extension: 127

Abby Lessels, Marketing and Communications Assistant
email: abby
extension: 124

Lindsey Lynch, Educational Consultant and Coach
email: lindsey.lynch
phone: 651-367-4886

Maura MacDonald, Online Content Specialist
email: maura
extension: 129

Ramona McCullough, Staff Consulting Teacher

Helen Merena, Graphic Designer
email: helen
extension: 123

Elizabeth Nash, Senior Editor/Writer
email: elizabeth
extension: 141

Kerry O’Grady, Educational Consultant and Coach
email: kerry
phone: 703-915-1825

Amanda Percival, Customer Care Specialist
email: amanda
extension: 126

Kas Polacek, Consulting and Certification Administrative Assistant
email: kasandra
extension: 146

Karen Poplawski, Lead Consultant
email: karen.poplawski
phone: 219-229-9918

Ted Powers, Writer/Editor
email: ted

Sera Rivers, Editor/Writer
email: sera
extension: 162

Amanda Rood, Consulting & Certification Project Manager
email: amanda.rood
extension: 136

Lindsey Sall, Financial Assistant
email: lindsey
extension: 117

Laura Schlaikjer, Event Planner for Advertised Workshops
email: laura
extension: 152

Marykate Smith Despres, Marketing Writer & Editor
email: marykate
extension: 120

Jenny Spero, Professional Development Designer
email: jenny
phone: 740-707-6144

Eric Sumner, Manager of Human Resources
email: eric
extension: 113

Becky Tower-Hughes, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
email: becky
extension: 137

Dr. Herb Turner, Principal Scientist
email: herb

Lauran Vieland, Operations and HR Administrative Assistant
email: lauran
extension: 159

Francine Wilson, Director of Finance and Operations
email: francine
extension: 139