Teacher Leaders

Strong teacher leaders are key to success for schools implementing Responsive Classroom practices schoolwide. Now, schools and districts can strengthen and sustain their implementation efforts by designating highly skilled Responsive Classroom practitioners as Responsive Classroom Teacher Leaders.

Responsive Classroom Teacher Leaders join a national network with access to a members-only website that offers resources, opportunities for collegial discussion, and ideas for leading professional  learning communities and study groups. In the future, Northeast Foundation for Children will offer workshops and other products designed specifically for Responsive Classroom Teacher Leaders.

What does a Responsive Classroom Teacher Leader do?

Depending on the needs of the school and the individual's skills and interests, this person can provide leadership and professional development for a school in a range of ways. These may include:

  • Observing and coaching colleagues to help them in their use of Responsive Classroom strategies
  • Facilitating study groups based on Responsive Classroom books, DVDs, and professional development kits
  • Demonstrating Responsive Classroom practices for colleagues
  • Creating or leading Responsive Classroom leadership teams within your school or district
  • Serving as a liaison between teachers and administrators regarding Responsive Classroom implementation efforts
  • Providing colleagues with resources that will help strengthen their implementation of Responsive Classroom practices
  • Communicating with parents and the school community about Responsive Classroom practices

Benefits for Teacher Leaders

In addition to offering their schools and districts cost-effective site-based professional development, teachers who become Responsive Classroom Teacher Leaders benefit through opportunities to:

  • Build leadership skills
  • Hone teaching practices
  • Join a national network of teacher leaders

How does a teacher become a Responsive Classroom Teacher Leader?

A school or school district can designate a teacher as a Responsive Classroom Teacher Leader when she or he satisfies the following requirements:

Once a teacher has satisfied these requirements, the teacher completes an application and sends it to Northeast Foundation for Children along with a letter of recommendation from his or her supervisor, requesting that the teacher receive the designation. Accepted teachers will receive confirmation and information on how to access the Responsive Classroom Teacher Leader website.

There is no additional cost (other than the cost to complete the requirements above) to designate a teacher as a Responsive Classroom Teacher Leader. Schools and districts can designate multiple teachers to serve in this role.

How can I find out more about this opportunity?

To learn more about designating a Responsive Classroom Teacher Leader in your school or district, contact Amanda Rood at 800-360-6332, ext. 136, or email amanda.rood@responsiveclassroom.org.