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Our whole school professional development model is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get high-quality implementation of Responsive Classroom's research- and evidence-based strategies in broad use in your school or district. The whole school package can be offered during the school year or summer.

Thirty years of experience have shown us that Responsive Classroom implementation works best when:

  1. Responsive Classroom consultants provide professional development for all adult members of the school community, and
  2. The adults in the school commit to working together as a professional learning community.

A whole school package includes 28 hours of professional development for up to 30 teachers (The Responsive Classroom Course or Responsive Classroom Advanced Course, follow-up during the year following the training, and the Responsive Classroom Resource Library—a comprehensive collection of 20 books and a set of child development pamphlets.

Responsive Classroom Course

Responsive Classroom Advanced Course

To learn more about bringing the Responsive Classroom approach to your school or district, please contact our school services team. Call 800-360-6332, ext. 156 or email