Books Every Elementary Teacher Should Own

Books Every Elementary Teacher Should Own

We asked teachers, 

"Which Responsive Classroom book do you think every elementary teacher should own? Why?"

File 2266The Power of Our Words: Teacher Language That Helps Children Learn, by Paula Denton

"The Power of Our Words is a MUST. It challenges us to reflect on the words that we use and how they can positively or negatively affect a child. Out of all of the Responsive Classroom books that I've read, this has been the most life-changing!"  
—Sara Hankins, 3rd grade teacher

File 2416The Morning Meeting Book, by Roxann Kriete and Carol Davis

"The Morning Meeting Book is an invaluable resource to jump-start my brain when I need a greeting, message, or activity. No matter how many times I use it, I always find something new."  
—Suzanne Kaplan, Kindergarten teacher

File 961Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom Ages 4–14, by Chip Wood

"Every elementary (and middle school) teacher should read Yardsticks. To teach kids effectively, we have to understand their social, emotional, physical, and language growth patterns. Yardsticks gives teachers all of this information and more!"   —Michael Wiernicki, K–5 math coach

File 2813The First Six Weeks of School, by Paula Denton and Roxann Kriete

"The example schedules, activities, and games make The First Six Weeks of School a one-stop shopping trip for a whole day of meaningful, age-appropriate activities, and the advice is timely and insightful. Multiple age groups are represented with equal attention."  
—Kelly Trottier, 5th grade teacher


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