Positive Teacher Language in Action (Video)

File 2266Watch these examples from real classrooms to see Responsive Classroom teacher language in action!

Kindergarten teacher Suzi Sluyter uses a variety of teacher language strategies to support students' learning as they paint.

And here, fifth grade teacher Rhonda Eckenroth uses positive teacher language as she guides a book discussion.

File 545Want to see more? Check out the Teacher Language playlist on the Responsive Classroom YouTube channel.

Learn how to use Responsive Classroom teacher language:

File 2018Teacher Language for Engaged Learning (Kit)
Learn communication strategies that support students' high-level thinking, active participation, and collaboration.


File 2266The Power of Our Words: Teacher Language That Helps Children Learn, 2nd Edition
This essential book has helped tens of thousands of teachers learn to use words, tone, and pacing more effectively.

File 1205Teacher Language Professional Development Kit
Multimedia kit containing everything needed to conduct eight highly effective, school-based study sessions using The Power of Our Words as the core text.