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On-Site Schoolwide Consultation

Thirty years of experience has shown us that the Responsive Classroom implementation is most effective when administrators, teachers, and other staff learn and practice Responsive Classroom strategies together and work as a team to create the conditions needed for lasting, meaningful change. Our schoolwide consulting services include training and support for all adult members of your school community.

After Responsive Classroom I

Once educators in a school/district have completed the Responsive Classroom I (RCI) course, they are eligible for these additional services:

On-site Consulting
  • Classroom coaching (consultant observes specified practices and gives feedback)  
  • Demonstration lessons (consultant presents lesson and debriefs with observers)
Workshops for Classroom Teachers

Six-hour workshops offered on-site for up to thirty participants.

  • Morning Meeting and Academics: Participants explore practical ways to incorporate academic content into Morning Meeting sharing, group activity, and morning message.
  • Responding to Misbehavior: Enhance skill in managing common discipline problems by describing problem behaviors, articulating ideal behaviors, generating theories about misbehavior, and considering options for interventions.

Schoolwide Workshops

Once 50% or more of a school's staff has completed at least RCI, we can work with other members of your school community by offering these one-day workshops:

  • Jumpstart Your Responsive Classroom Team Workshop: This one-day workshop prepares your school's designated Responsive Classroom team (5–8 members, including the principal) for their critical role in successful classroom and schoolwide implementation of the Responsive Classroom approach.
  • Responsive Classroom Essentials for Support Staff: Give support staff an introduction to the Responsive Classroom approach and some practice with Interactive Modeling and teacher language.
  • Responsive Classroom Essentials for Special Area Teachers: Introduce special area teachers to some key Responsive Classroom practices: Morning Meeting, Interactive Modeling, positive teacher language, and the Responsive Classroom approach to discipline.

Resources for Site-based Study

Lead your own learning community in site-based professional development focused on Responsive Classroom practices. Some of the resources we offer for this are professional development kits, DVDs that show the practices in action, and the Responsive Classroom Assessment Tool for Teachers, a self-assessment tool focused on classroom implementation of key Responsive Classroom practices.

Responsive Classroom Leadership Conference

Attend the annual Responsive Classroom Leadership Conference, where administrators and teacher leaders gather to share ideas and questions, successes and challenges on the road to schoolwide implementation of the Responsive Classroom approach.

To learn more about bringing the Responsive Classroom approach to your school or district, please contact our school services team. Call 800-360-6332, ext. 156 or email