Do you need credits for your professional and salary advancement?

You'll get a certificate of attendance at the end of your Responsive Classroom workshop or institute. (Workshops are generally 6 hours, and institutes are 28.)

If you need graduate-level, professional development credit for your work, you can earn it through Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system.

Cost is $70 per credit. Completion of a 28-hour Responsive Classroom institute is required and is a separate tuition and registration process.

If you have already completed a Brandman credit course, go here to find instructions on accessing your grade, transcript, or financial receipt.

2-Credit Option

Educators who have completed the Responsive Classroom Course (RCC), Responsive Classroom Level I (RCI), or Responsive Classroom Level II (RCII) may receive 2 graduate-level professional development credits by submitting:

  • brief response paper (600–1,200 words)
  • completed cover page
  • copy of your certificate of attendance from your workshop

See complete instructions, including response paper topics. To be eligible for this 2-credit option, your Responsive Classroom training must be recent—you must register with Brandman University within 2 years of completing your training. Your coursework is due within 1 month after you register with Brandman University or 1 month after completing your Responsive Classroom training, whichever is later.

3-Credit Option

Educators who have completed the Responsive Classroom Course (RCC), Responsive Classroom I (RCI) or Responsive Classroom II (RCII) may receive 3 graduate-level professional-development credits by completing projects designed to strengthen understanding and practice of Responsive Classroom strategies. Project assignments are designed for classroom teachers, special-area teachers, and administrators. Here are the links to the project assignments:

RCC course packet (2014): Brandman EDCU 9023
RCII course packet (2014): Brandman EDCU 9024

Submit projects between October 13, 2014–January 5, 2015. Include your completed cover page and evaluation with your papers. Email or mail to:

Responsive Classroom—Professional Development Credit
Attn: Susan Farber
85 Avenue A, P.O. Box 718
Turners Falls, MA 01376-0718

Registering for credit with Brandman University

Brandman University is closed for winter break December 24–January 5, and no university staff will be available to help with registration questions. From January 1–5, online registration may be temporarily unavailable.

Registration for the 3-credit courses closes after Monday, January 12. We recommend registering by mid-December by mail, fax, or on-line. If you register after mid-December, rely on mail or fax.

Registration for the 2-credit courses is open year-round, by fax or online.

There are 3 ways to register:

1. Fax or mail in the paper registration form.

2. Register on Brandman University's website. Use a browser other than Internet Explorer, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

  • In the list on the left, find the course you want. Confirm that you have the correct course number:
    • 2-credit RCC or RCI = EDCU 9069
    • 2-credit RCII = EDCU 9070
    • 3-credit RCC or RCI = EDCU 9023
    • 3-credit RCII = EDCU 9024
  • Select and drag the course box into your empty schedule box to the right.
  • Use the current date for a "start date."
  • At the bottom right of the page, click "Register." (As a new student, you will be prompted to enter your information, including payment.)
  • Some school email filters block messages from Brandman University, so it's recommended that you provide your personal email rather than your school email.
  • The registration process uses pop-up windows (allow pop-ups in your browser), and is not compatible with an iPad since is uses Adobe Flash.

3. Register one or several people with a Purchase Order—fax, email, or mail the P.O. to Andrea Hood at Brandman University. Include email addresses for all registrants who need a payment code.

Fax: 949-754-1337

 Brandman University
16355 Laguna Canyon Road
Irvine, CA 92618

Brandman University will email you a code linked to your P.O. which will allow you to register online. In the payment section of the registration process, select "pay with purchase order" and enter the code when prompted.

"Completing these assignments helped me take a deeper look at myself as a teacher, to reflect on how I'm teaching rather than just on what I'm teaching.
—Rebecca Petravage, 5th grade teacher, PA

"The assignments are well adapted to special area teachers. Expectations are clear, and assignments are well organized."
—Linda Corradino, music teacher, Virginia

Questions? Email Susan Farber or call 800-360-6332, ext. 102.