Course Descriptions

Each year we offer one-day and multi-day workshops in locations nationwide. These courses are open to all K–8 educators, although some have prerequisite course requirements. 

One-Day Workshops (6 hours)

File 637Responsive Classroom Sampler

Learn how the Responsive Classroom approach boosts children's social and academic skills while reducing behavior problems.

File 1429Responding to Misbehavior

Enhance your skill in managing common classroom discipline problems.
Prerequisite: RCI or RCC

File 1976Overview for Administrators

Gain a broad overview of the Responsive Classroom approach and learn how it can enhance teaching and learning throughout your school.

Multi-Day Workshops (28 hours)

The Responsive Classroom Course
File 2317

Become a more effective teacher by learning research-based strategies that lead to engaging academic instruction, better classroom management, and positive learning communities.

Responsive Classroom Advanced Course

File 2603Deepen the skills you learned in the Responsive Classroom Course and take your teaching to a higher level with this advanced-level course. (Prerequisite: RCI or RCC)

We also present our workshops on-site for schools and districts. For more information about that, see Schools & Districts.

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